diana patient


Tu Sei La Prima Vera

The smell of mud, fresh rain and new buds. Flowers covered in dew. The promise of sunshine.
the free-spirited girl raised in the countryside climbing trees and wading in pools, is called to an event a day by her mother. She is too old to be running around and is constantly being put in proper clothes. However, her dresser is an old family friend and she always designs the most fantastical clothes for the Persephone–ones that she can climb in and are as fresh and roaming as the Spring.

On the day of the affair she sits and waits in a quiet place having been dressed, her skirt hitched up over her bare knees and bare feet, languidly waiting to be called.


By Adorn

Model: Kimi @ Leni’s Models
Photography: Diana Patient
Fresh Flower Jewellery: Sue Pritchard
Designer: Catharina Eden
Headwear: Natalie Ellner

Tu Sei La Prima Vera